Enroll-HD is soon to be the world-largest observational study for Huntington's disease families.  A union of two successful studies, Enroll-HD is a resource for the entire HD community, including patients and their families, researchers, patient advocates, clinicians and other healthcare professionals with a connection to HD.  

The study is designed to accelerate the development of therapeutics for HD and also monitor how the disease appears and changes over time.  It is open to people who have HD or are at-risk.  This clinical research platform will enable members of the HD community to gain a better understanding of HD and progress towards the study of effective treatment for HD.  Knowing how HD unfolds will make it much easier for clinicians, families, and healthcare professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of a new drug.

Currently, the platform study is accepting participants from various countries such as Argentina, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the United States.  The website allows for visitors to find a site near them and reach out to a local site coordinator to get involved.  The project is steadily growing and more sites are being added to accomodate interested participants.

Please visit the Enroll-HD website here in order to learn more about the study, how to get involved, to find resources about HD and to subscribe to their monthly news bulletin for more information.